71E-0-R-4 NG-38411
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Entity #-ABC: 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411

Level of Danger: 53%

71 Entity Regarding Containment: 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411 must be kept in a 3 foot tall x 7 inch x 2 inch long wide glass on a small pedestal in 5 foot x 5 foot x 5 foot containment cell. All contact attempts must be proceeded with caution for risk of injury. No other means of containment are neccesary.

About 71E Documented: 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411 is a perfectly round orange ball, with an almost 3 inch radius. 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411 usually hovers around 1 foot off the ground if not moved by an outside force. Any attempts to move 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411 by hand have resulted in minor to severe lacerations to the hands of the person who attempted to move it.1 After something comes into contact with 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411 it will begin to regenerate until it is completely round and smooth once again. Attempts to cut off peices of 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411 have all resulted in it regenerating.

Origin: 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411 was discovered when four reports of lacerations with unknown cause appeared on-record at a Maxwells Hospital establishment located in Hecker, Illinois. Members were sent to investigate the cause, eventually leading them to a house located nearby. Nobody was in the house at the time, but it looked as if it had been lived in recently. The owner2 of the house was found to have went missing at the time the reports were published. The owner is supposedly the creator of 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411, and any future creations by him are to be tracked down and contained.

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