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Entity #-ABC: 71E-3-R-33-R

Level of Danger: 93%

71 Entity Regarding Containment: 71E-3-R-33-R is to be kept within a 24m x 24m wire fence. The fence is to be connected to a generator constantly sending 10 amps to the wires. Twelve layers of 1 cm aluminum must be put up as the roof and over the wire fence 2 cm away from each other. These aluminum layers contain superconductive material between them. All entities in the containment zone must be dressed as a average civilian monitored by a information collector.

If any threat to security is to occur as the result of an individual or a group, these people are to have a bounty put on their head or put sentenced to execution. Any entities within the containment zone are to avoid 71E-3-R-33-R at all costs. Afterwards, a security guard that is not armed must escort 71E-3-R-33-R back to the containment zone. If this does not work, the YAK Protocol must be followed.

About 71E Documented: 71E-3-R-33-R is an anomaly caused by the sculpting of 71E-6009. The creature is made of a black substance made with what seems to be tar, arsenic, and [NOT SUITABLE FOR VIEWING FOR LOWER CLASS]. It appears to function as an extension to 71E-3-R-33-R.

71E-3-R-33-R has a pair of horns and a mask which is shattered in half with a smile carved into it on it's head. It has no facial features. 71E-3-R-33-R has what seems to be a enlarged raven wing sticking out of the right side of it's body, the wing can go back inside 71E-3-RR-3-Rs back. Along with the wing, 71E-3-R-33-R has a tentacle made of the same materials as 71E-3-R-33-Rs body. which has a sharp point. This tentacle also sticks out of 71E-3-R-33-R's back on the left side. A tail similar to this tentacle is also on 71E-3-R-33-R. This tail has quills that can be shot out at approximately 536 meters per second. The tips on the tail and tentacle and quills have edges and tips that are 2 nano-meters wide

All imagery, art, and things containing 71E-3-R-33-R either disappear a day later, get blurred out, or it breaks in a very odd and unusual way. 71E-3-R-33-R must be under extreme monitoring and surveillance at all times by eleven RG entity.

Event-3r-a: Solimen Carls walked into the containment zone despite specific commands not to, regarding the fact they had no civilian outfit. He opened the wire door into 71E-3-R-33-Rs containment zone and 71E-3-R-33-R came out and [NOT SUITABLE FOR VIEWING BY LOWER CLASSED MEMBERS]. Solimen Carls will be executed publicly and put on body queue.

Important Note-3r-a (PLEASE READ): 71E-3-R-33-R must never come in contact with 71E-214-W.

Important Note-3r-b: Do NOT mention 71E-6009 near 71E-3-R-33-R. Canline Lary and Karver Tyde disobeyed protocol and were put in A1 cells. Canline Lary put into A1 cell for 18 months; 10 months remaining… Karver Tyde’s sentence has expired due to harassment of a RG soldier and soon later execution.

Conversation Session-3r-a:

71E-3-R-33-R: Hello…

Canline Lary: Hi.

Canline Lary: So, what would you prefer to be called this session?

71E-3-R-33-R: *Deep gurgling for about five minutes* Nothing.

Canline Lary: Okay… So, uh… Nothing.

*Snickering can be heard*

Canline Lary: Do you know about what we do here?

71E-3-R-33-R: No.

Canline Lary: We contain anomalies like, y'know, you!

71E-3-R-33-R: *grumbling*

Canline Lary: Do you know anything about any other 71Es?

71E-3-R-33-R: No…

Canline Lary: 71E-6009?

71E-3-R-33-R: [INFORMATION DELETED BY Roberts Callop].

71E-3-R-33-R sunk into a pile of 71E-6009 for two months straight* (Please read Important Note-3r-b for relation)

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