Entity #-ABC: 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31

Level of Danger: 267%

71 Entity Regarding Containment: 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31 cannot are not supposed to be contained, as it poses a threat to Co71 members. The only containment protocol is to sever the head. When attacked by 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31 do not panic.

About 71E Documented: 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31 is a 7 ft. 6 in. tall creature that has the shape of a human. 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31 is made entirely out of white neon liquid with the elements similar to oobleck. 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31 seems to, whenever hit anywhere other than the head slowly decays and looks like a hollow shell that has been messed with. 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31 has what looks like holes through its head in the shape of a crying and smiling face. 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31 also has two bird-like wings emerging out of its back, these wings allow it to have short bursts of air.

71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31 has a sword, that of what looks like rapier but without a kilt, this sword is to be called 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31-b. 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31-b can cut through any substance and is made of an unknown material exact to that of 71E-4-R-2-H-4-NG-31's body.


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