Entity #-ABC: 71E-5243-M-LI

Level of Danger: 9000000 dB

71 Entity Regarding Containment: 71E-5243-M-LI must be contained in a airtight soundproof 7 yard x 7 yard x 7 yard containment zone. THis zone must be patrolled by deaf guards or guards wearing sound-deafening headsets for possible hearing loss. If 71E-5243-M-LI escapes, just shoot it. It's defenseless so just… BAM? POW? KABLAMMO? BOOM? This job isn't worth the pay…

About 71E Documented: 71E-5243-M-LI is a loud mother hecker, If you'll excuse my language. this guy just won't stop screaming. 71E-5243-M-LI is a pale humanoid with extremely out of proportion limbs and features such as:

Jaw elongated similar to that of Tarrare's but you know… 10x wider.
Ten foot long arms.
Two yard long legs.
Varying fingers that are bent in terrifying ways.
Six inch skin sag.
Twelve foot long toes.

The way this disgusting being came into existence is very convoluted and confusing so yeah.
These deformities are believed to be the cause of 71E-5243-M-LI's perpetual screaming. 71E-5243-M-LI also perpetually screams at 9000000 dB all people who hear this screaming from a max distance of 6000000 miles away will go deaf. I hate my job.

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