Entities #-ABC: 71E-8-R-00-M-A/-B

Level of Danger: 47%

71 Entity Regarding Containment: 71E-8-R-00-M-A must be kept in a typical 6 inch (width) x 1 yard (length) x 1 foot (height) shaded plastic case on a pedestal in a 5 yard x 5 yard x 5 yard containment zone. If 71E-8-R-00-M-B decides to be a danger of security in the 71Ch this copy is in, please notify higher ranked members and they will recontain it. Ways to recontain 71E-8-R-00-M-A/-B are in DOSProcedure(s)-8r-a, reason for this is hidden to all except Dr. Dzerwhel. All non-members who see 71E-8-R-00-M-A must be given any memory-loss drug, or be knocked out.

About 71E-A Documented: 71E-8-R-00-M-A is a broom from the early 1800’s or late 1700’s. The broom does not have any anomalous properties, the only reason it is a 71E is because of 71E-8-R-00-M-B.

About 71E-B Documented: 71E-8-R-00-M-B is what seems to be a parathreat according to staff captured, the creature appears as a ghost from 2017 title ‘Ghostbusters.’ 71E-8-R-00-M-B has a personality of fear and when the object it is possessing (preferably a broom) is broken the entity flies up, looks around, and disappears to find another object. 71E-8-R-00-M-B also seems to multiply by unknown means, when this gets out of hand the Level of Danger rises, this immediately calls for the GTY Protocol.

Event Rumor-8r-a: SCP-682 in a SCP Foundation owned site caused a ‘containment breach’ nearby 71Ch-9 and spontaneously 71E-8-R-00-Ms were released by a man named Calvin Jindoe, a member. 71E-8-R-00-Ms were then said to fly away into the SCP site and knockout SCP-682. Calvin Jindoe was then put on death row and (not) killed. [[EVENT IS NOW CONFIRMED TO BE FAKE AS THERE IS NO DOCUMENTED EVENT OF 71E-8-R-00-M BEING A DANGER TO SECURITY]]

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