Entity #-ABC: 71E-81-U-LI

Level of Danger: 1 googolplex LITERALLY NONE

71 Entity Regarding Containment: 71E-81-U-LI is to be contained on a hard drive within a zip file to reverse effects Seriously, guys? This was an April Fool's prank, the fact that it was blue was an error and also that it lasted 50 HECKING D A Y S . You guys suck at just deleting files, we even gave you clues…

About 71E Documented: 71E-81-U-LI is an infectious file that makes all text appear blue. 71E-81-U-LI managed to make it into our Database on April 1, 2006. This text also infected this file and
despite efforts and containment it stays in blue text.

I give up, who made this file? I'm firing you. - Dr. Lester
Dr. Hex, I'm pretty sure - Dr. Dzerwhel, former Founder and Director of Co71

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