Entity #-ABC: 71E-FR-057

Level of Danger: 73%

71 Entity Regarding Containment: 71E-FR-057 must be within 71Ch-576 located in Пуринский государственный природный заказник at all times. The perimeter1 of this church should be patrolled by twelve helicopters. All entities that enter or exit the area shall be killed. If 71E-FR-057 escapes do not shoot because of 71E-FR-057's abilities. Follow the JZS Protocol to recontain 71E-FR-057 into it's containment zone.

About 71E Documented: 71E-FR-057 is a tall slim character with no hair and a GP-5 Soviet gas mask. 71E-FR-057 appears devoid of any feelings or nutritions, reason for this is unknown. 71E-FR-057's organs are blue and possess strange anatomy and such (see Important Note-Fr0-b)

Important Note-Fr0-a: 71E-FR-057 is known to locals within Norilsk as the Siberian Monster it ate people, goats, anything it could find, we offered to secure it, making an entire church devoted to containing and worshipping it.

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