Foreword: The following is from the ASG channel on the IRLGhostbusters chat on Discord, handed over by them to give info.


somemod: A chat bot.
heckinghecker: a cool chat bot* lmao


somemod: Being used right now in our chat.


heckinghecker: o heck, mr. owner, what do we use it for again?
lmfaoiprobeidiots: ASG=607-1 is used as an advertiser bot and buys paper automatically.
heckinghecker: and what makes it an ASG?
somemod: Let me do this. Now, it is sort of boring but what's up is that it's like itself. It has its own mind and create ads itself, not a prank tho.
lmfaoiprobeidiots: It's sold online, but I don't remember the domain. XD.
heckinghecker: me neither
somemod: Me neither.

(mr co71 guy i forgot to mention it also steals images when the ones he makes don't work.


heckinghecker: time for the juicy stuff amirite
somemod: Yup.
lmfaoiprobeidiots: Okay, so, some people aren't good or are too good at raiding, and we've had some disasters with ASG=607-1.
lmfaoiprobeidiots: 1. Some idiot from Freeman Inc. reprogrammed it and everyone who was in the chat technically crashed, and got the motherboard fried.
lmfaoiprobeidiots: 2. It got to smart and managed to make everyone delete files that would crash and brick the computer.
heckinghecker: awwwwwwwwww not as spicy as i thought…
somemod: Ikr.


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