Campfire Story

"They say these woods are roamed by a big scary creature, it's white with red eyes, and the hands are shaped like giant hooks, and anyone who roams the forest at night is….." He stopped to look around.
"It GETS YA!" His two kids start screaming, then it turns to laughter.
"Good one dad!" The oldest sinkers. The dad is horrified, his skin turning pale.
"What is wrong with you! We have to leave right now!" He yelled. The kids stopped laughing.
"Why?" The youngest asked. The dad didn't answer, he was already packing up. They started running back to the truck.
"Why wont this dang thing start?!" He yelled as he turned the knobs side to side. He got out of the car and popped the hood, but what he saw shook him. There were giant slashes in the hood and engine. He stood there in the silence of the night, until rustling bushes broke it. He went back to the car and grabbed a crowbar and light. He approached the bushes shaking. The rustling started again, it got closer and closer, and then, a bunny hopped out. The dad sighed in relief as he walked back to the car. He looked inside and saw his kids, horrified. They were pointing behind him. He turned around, he saw the bunny transforming, it grew tall humanoid legs, it's fur diapering, leaving only white skin. It grew a head about the size of a human head, it's arms curved into hooks, it was huge. The dad opened the door and got his kids out, they ran, just ran.
"I think we lost it!" The oldest kid said. "What do you think dad?" He looked for his dad. "Dad?" But he wasn't there. He heard screaming, it was his dad. He heard ripping and splattering. He kept running. He saw it, the exit to the woods, he was almost there. He just about reached the exit when the creature ran out in front of him. The kid was in shock, he couldn't move. He accepted his fate, and waited for the creature to finish him. But it never came. He opened his eyes, and saw a hooded figure holding the creature back. Then two more grabbed me. I screamed and screamed. I then saw a bright light. I woke up the next morning in an abandoned church. I had a bad pain in my arm. I look and see a hooded figure cutting into my arm and putting in some weird stone, or metal.
"Hey, stop!" He yelled, the hooded figure didn't do anything. I figured he was deaf so I did noting but wait.

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