Dr. Dzerwhel's Personnel File


Duties: Governing the distribution of data and Administration of Duties and controlling the entire Co71. Dzerwhel is more of an editor and not a writer. In fact, Co71 Command has barred him from authoring any work, stating that 'favoritism' and 'conflicts of interest' were the reason his duties must be remain strictly administrative. It is rumored that he documents 71Es under a pen name, though no one knows as who.

Biography: Though never being labeled as an 71E himself. Dzerwhel has been known to exist for much longer than the typical span of a human life. He shows no signs of aging, the oldest Co71 personnel stating that when they joined the cult long ago, the oldest personnel at that time stated that Dzerwhel had not aged since they had joined the cult, and in reality, the oldest personnel at that time had stated the same, and so on.

Dzerwhel has a penchant for suits, crude beer and dogs, resulting in his acquaintances typically being people of power in government. He has been friendly with people of many political stances (mostly communist) and is generally well liked if not respected. When he does become angered, even heads of state are quick to appease him and commonly offer sincere apologies.

It has been noted that he has a habit of laziness, never organizing anything, even when reaching for things. Though he is seen as slow and even at times sluggish in nature, he has displayed amazing feats of strength when needed on several occasions.

Items Dzerwhel has been affiliated with

  • !71E-1173-M-1! - !ITEM!

Due to recent investigations, Dr. Dzerwhel has been arrested for the suspicion of creating 71E-0-R-4-NG-38411. He will join us no longer.

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