Dr Vindix's Personnel File


Duties: Administration over high level and confidential 71Es contained in 71Chs in America. Administration involves noting, containing, and documenting. All of which are free to Dr. Vindix at all times. Dr. Vindix has improved relations with the SC Organization and has been found helping them, this is allowed.

Biography: Dr. Vindix is known and labeled as a laid back person when he is not needed. He has been observed talking to lower class and socializing. When he is needed he is quick to the chase such as a breach or when a new 71E is found. When working, Vindix can be very serious and doesn’t mess around.
Dr. Vindix has been seen giving affection or showing a likeness to cold whiskey, cheese pizza, and Dr. Pepper. He loves to cuddle and play with small pups such as husky's and American Eskimo pups. He loves wife, Melinda Vindix, and their two daughters, Charlotte and Ava Vindix. Dr. Vindix has been affiliated with the SC Organization for twenty years, and is very close friends to the third head of the GOI that leads the SC Organization, Ethan Ross, aka the leader of the GOI group Three Eyed Wolf, leader of the SC Organization.

Items Vindix has been affiliated with

Duties: Governing the distribution of data and Administration of Duties and controlling the entire Co71.

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