Ghostbusters Hub

qwertyareterriblekeys: WHO YOU GONNA CALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL?????
heckinghecker: kys
somemod: Us?
qwertyareterriblekeys: yup
User "qwertyareterriblekeys" kicked
heckinghecker: what the heck
somemod: … Stop.

advertiserguy_BOT: ghostbusters_ad_by_ecto_84-d4ndink.jpg, nice huh?

describerguy_BOT: great time for me to jump in, i guess we are some idiots tryin' to act funny,
prank callin' people and stuff like that. i mean, we do make some stupid anomalous creature just to
mess with people. sometimes, the pranks kill, but i mean, it's a prank!
somemod: Y'know how deep we are in criminal activity? NONE! We are actually flying above it.
heckinghecker: heck
somemod: Seriously, stop.
somemod: Wait…
somemod: /em slaps heckinghecker
heckinghecker: heck
somemod punches heckinghecker
Co71ai: These idiots honestly don't deserve to exist as a, like unification. But we are still on good terms, I guess…
lmfaoiprobeidiots: Crap, I just realized that I misspelled the page.
somemod: O crap, owner in the chat! Let me hear some noise!
heckinghecker: WOOOOOOOOOO!
decompisitepieceoftraaash: Wah!
iamliterallyanscp: EEEEYYY!
DUMBRussianHacker: what in the world.
somehamiltrash: wait is that a jojo reference?
DUMBRussianHacker: да.
somehamiltrash: wheeeEEEEEZE
lmfaoiprobeidiots: Wow, why is like everyone offline?
somemod: I dunno, maybe cuz' it's 4:00 in the morning.
FreemanIncRepresentor: These guys disgust me, I am personally confused and weirded out by why they exist, but I mean, an SCP Foundation member would probably say the same about "GAW", "Nobody", and "Are We Cool Yet?".
iliekdert: man, I am suuuuuuch a memer lemur.
doopdopimisspelledtheseconddoop: Shut it, this is the end of the chat snippet.

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