It's Not You

It was 4AM, the time I usually wake up to work as a casual and boring bus driver. BEEP BE-BEEP BEEP BE-BEEP BEE- I slammed the alarm clock “Ugh, god I wish sometimes I wouldn’t wake up.” I got up out of bed and got my coat and put on my shoes. When I went up to the door to leave I hit an invisible wall of some sort, “What the-” I was about to go up to the phone when I saw a reflection of me, as if in another universe go through the invisible wall when I hit it. I realised it was not a reflection when I saw it go outside, hop into my car and steal my car.
The car started up and took my route to the bus station, I rushed over to the phone and dialed in 911, “911, what’s your emergency.” said the operator, the operator sounded just like me… “I’m trapped in my own house!” I said “Sir, don’t panic, we’re sending a crew to your location.” the operator said, I slammed the phone on the table almost shattering the phone.
I looked outside and saw flashing light and then the white light stayed, flashing no other light, I started to hear a ringing as it slowly grow louder. I fell to the ground and got knocked out on the counter edge to the ongoing ringing in my ears.
I woke up in my room again to the same beeping with a faint memory of what happened from what seemed to be the night before. I repeated the same actions, it all happened again, the same way every aspect. I woke up, again with the question of “How do I fix this? Wait, the windows aren’t blocked with that invisible wall right?” I went to the window not causing the reflection this time and I broke the window, I looked down at my hand with glass shards in them, ignoring the pain I jumped out the window falling on to the hard pavement. I went to the car and then I realised I forgot my keys. I opened the garage door and grabbed a shovel and tried and I smashed the window in, the shovel came right back at me as if someone else was doing it. I fell to the ground and saw the copy of me standing over me, I tried grabbing his leg but a sharp pain went through my hand, I looked down at my hand seeing twigs and glass sticking in out of it.
I woke up again, I looked at my old wounds marks, the wounds were there but no sign of anything causing them. I didn’t feel any pain at all, no panic, nothing. I called 911 for the third time, the operator that sounded just like me came on saying the same thing for the third time, “I’m bleeding.” I said in the most unbelievable, unpanicky way. “Don’t worry, we’re sending a team your way.” The operator said in a way that was sort of sarcastic.
I looked outside seeing the ambulances pull into my driveway I heard nothing at all. The medics which looked just like me, sounded like me came in to see me standing up with blood coming out of my head, arms, and legs. They rushed me to the hospital and they patched up everything, everyone started looking normal and not like me. When they released me, I walked out into the desert and saw a group of robed, mysterious figures who seemed to be scared and sorry at the same time. I saw them and tried to speak, I realised it was probably better for me not to do so because of the blunt force trauma from the shovel, thinking that I would sound dumb. I started following them to an abandoned church in the middle of the desert. I walked for miles and miles, I started making a theory that I’m immortal because of the lack of food given to me, I knew after a while the theory was true. We reached the church and the group of robed people presented me to them like a present; a creature of some sorts.

Now I sit here, in a cell, robed and silent, magical and all, all I do now is do the same thing my copy did, infect more and more people, but remember… I am NOT you.

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