My Living Hell

Well, this is it. Into the massacre. I hear screaming, crying, gunshots, it's awful. "Alright men!" The general yelled. "Welcome to the Rootground Division MuDelta, I'm General Marquis," "Today we have one job! Win this war!" Yeah, "win the war" how about survive? Or, protect the citizens? Is that not our job? The helicopter lands, we rush out the doors. The sounds I heard seemed to to be amplified when I touched the ground. I look off in the distance, I see a monster slaughter one of are own that showed up earlier. He was a good soldier. I see a family hide in a shed. They won't be safe in there. I thought as I tried to stay alive. I ran towards them. They saw me, and as they did, I could see relief on there faces. I was about two hundred feet from them when I finally saw it. It was to close, I tried to get to my knees, but it was to late. A monster rammed into me at a very high speed sending me flying across the field flipping me and turning me.

I finally landed with a huge thud, there was a crater I was sure. The thing had me flying for at least a third of a mile. I couldn't move. I already knew it, I was going to die, either from bleeding out, or the monster will finish me off. I knew what happened to me, Both my legs were broken, I had a fractured spine, eight ribs were broken. "This is my living hell". I said to myself through a painful voice. I didn't know why I said it, know one could hear me. I coughed out blood. I reached for my communicator, How did that not fall off? I thought as I tried to pick it up. But what was the point, my hands were also broken. I could see the monster coming. I held my breath with all the air I still had. And thought Goodbye darling. As I remembered my beautiful wife. As it came about fifty feet from me, I screamed through blood and a choke " LONG LIVE THE CULT!!" And that's when it hit me.

Although I swear I saw one of those mysterious robed men watching me as I died. Well, that's what I signed up for. "The Monster War" is what they called it. I then woke up in a, cell? "What the-Where am I?" I said to what I though was myself. "So, you didn't make it?" a man in right next to me said. "What do you mean "make it"? I asked him confused. "You were just in a fight, you know, the one with the big monsters?" He asked obviously. "Yeah, but, I died. Is this Heaven, or, Hell? I asked with hesitation. "Neither" He said. "You sign up for the cult, you stay with the cult."

At this time I had flash backs of what happened. I got off the helicopter, saw a troop die in the distance, tried to save a family, I got killed. But I saw the city burning from the helicopter. That was the town I once lived in. Those monsters ripped it apart. I then came to the present. The man seemed to be talking, I interrupted him. "How long have you been talking" I said with a voice that was harsh.
The man leaned forward a bit, "It happened to you to didn't it" He asked. "You had flashbacks?" "Yeah, how did you know?" I asked. "I've been through this a couple of times. It's not new" I cuffed my face in my hands, I'm gonna be here forever….In a new living hell.

The man then smiled and said "Don't run from the infection, what's the point? It doesn't kill you. It just changes you. I mean, look at me. I let the infection in, and I ended up in the best place ever. There's no place like home." Now is the dawn of a new age. The age of of the Infection.

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