Personnel Types

Hello this is Dr. Dzerwhel and since I really don't like explaining, let's cut to the chase. I will be listing personnel ranks that are within our cult. Ask all questions in the discussion.
All personnnel ranks:

  • RGG (and separate teams for different situations): Rootground Guards
  • RGWG: Rootground Whipper Guards
  • D-OBSV-UTS: Disposable Observation Units, used when the 71E is too safe for higher class observation.
  • S-Class: Superfluous Class
  • R-Class: Reusable Class
  • Dan-Class: Dangerous Class
  • OnQ1: On Leave Queue
  • OnQ2: On Death Queue
  • I-Class: Injured Class
  • D-RE-UTS: Disposable Recontainment Units
  • RE-UTS (and separate teams for different situations): Recontainment Units
  • OBSV-UTS (and separate teams for different situations): Observation Units
  • စ: Under Review, not used.
  • SP-AG: Spy Agents
  • IS: International Services, trading agents.
  • 71: Admins and directors.
  • 71-DCL: Ex-admins and directors.
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