Sacrifice Is Needed For Progress

All I hear is heavy breathing and screams.
Crawling away from a massacre, the biggest I've seen.
Monsters preying in the distance.
As I am finished off by a fiend.

My eyes burst open in a pool of sweat, I get up from the bed and immediately realise I'm not in my home.The door to the cell opens alarmingly, my eyes shot over. I see a familiar man in cuffs get pushed in by a robed person. The door shut shortly after. "So, who are you?" I say. "A victim of last week's slaughter," he says. I look at him with confusion, "The one with the creatures." he continues. I start panicking, "Wait, so that was real?!" I respond. "Yup." he says, not affected by the situation. I sat down and cuffed my head in my hands… It wasn't a nightmare…

"Welcome to the Rootground Division MuOmega, I'm General Zawque," he said, piercing through my head. "Today we will be contributing to Operation Boliv. This operation is against the monsters you have all seen." he finished. I stared at him with disbelief and surprise. "You expect us to fight the 1776 and Infection?" He snapped his head at me and opened his mouth.

I look over the city, little blips tearing it apart. Everything I've ever known, torn in an instance. God, it was a second holocaust. All the people in that city, (if you can call it that anymore). Just kill them with your skill. I killed so many before, right? I would sigh.

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