The Shock Force

The force was discovered during operation white. While the 71E soldiers moved in on Three Eyed Wolf outpost [REDACTED]. The unit manifested in front of their eyes, after a flash of blinding, yellow light resembling a “lightning strike”. They then proceeded to take out the 71E soldiers, and move in on the Three Eyed Wolf's position trying to take them out as well, but were unsuccessful. The Three Eyed Wolf's outpost lost two thirds (2/3) of their guards that day. The Bone Hawks haven't claimed these soldiers as their's, but suspicions have arrived due to the fact, that in the past, The Bone Hawks have talked about a new, better trained, and heavily armored task force. This is all the Church knows about The Shock Force.

Incident Log 0-1

Cult soldier camera footage at time [REDACTED] at site [REDACTED] during containment breach.
(Soldier moves into hallway and checks corners for any escaped 71E’s)
[REDACTED] How do we get out of here again?
(Soldiers partner moves and watches behind them)
[REDACTED] I think we move through the hallway to the left.
(Shock Force Soldiers appearing front of both and start talking)
Task Soldier: [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], you both are due for termination.
[REDACTED] What the hell?!
Task Soldier: Command, do we have the green light?
[REDACTED:] No, stop!
(A sound can be heard through the soldiers communicator)
Force Commander: Copy, Unit 0-1 you have the green light, fire at will.
(gun shots can be heard)
Task Soldier: Command, both [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] have been taken out.
Force Commander: Copy that, you may move into the rest of the facility.

Both killed had 5.56 bullets in their heads and lungs.


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