Three Eyed Wolf

The force was developed by the Ross Company in ██/██/████. The force was discovered during the Shock Force invasion. While the 71E soldiers moved in on Three Eyed Wolf outpost [REDACTED]. The Shock Force appeared after a flash of blinding, yellow light resembling a “lightning strike”. The soldiers fought off the Shock Force until the Shock force disappeared in front of their eyes, after another flash of blinding, yellow light that resembled a “lightning strike”. The Three Eyed Wolves proceeded to take out the remaining 71E soldiers that the Shock Force left behind. The Three Eyed Wolves lost only a third of their units at the outpost thanks to their advanced armor and machinery. The Three Eyed Wolves have become enemies with the Shock Force, which they presume to be a branch of the Bone Hawks. The Bone Hawks haven't admitted to this claim, but suspicions have arrived due to the fact, that in the past, The Bone Hawks have talked about a new, better trained, and heavily armored task force. The owner of the group of interest Ethan Ross, is good friends with our part time employee Doctor Vindix, who has affiliation with them, being a full time researcher, scientist, and SC capture unit. We are neutral with the Three Eyed Wolves.

Incident Log 0-1

Three Eyed Wolf Soldier: What the hell? Who are these guys?
Other Three Eyed Wolf Soldier: I don't know, but they don't look friendly.
(Sound of lighting strike)
Three Eyed Wolf Soldier: Ah shit! I can't see!
Other Three Eyed Wolf Soldier: Soldier put your helmet on!
Three Eyed Wolf Soldier: Okay, okay!
Shock Force Soldier: Fire!
Three Eyed Wolf Soldier: Oh f*c*, oh f- AAH!
Other Three Eyed Wolf Soldier: Charge forward! Don't let them breach the-
(An explosion can be heard)
This is where the audio file ends.

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