Woken From A Cold Sleep

It was a normal day. Usually nothing happened at the outpost, and I was doing my daily routine of sitting down and drinking coffee while listening to the others talk. People came and went as they tried to entertain themselves. Yes, everything was normal……… Until. I heard a beeping on my control panel. I sat up. I got a message from one of our units that were searching the ice.

"What the?" I wasn't use to getting messages, usually everything was fine. I clicked on the message and read aloud to everyone else:

Command, we found something under the ice.
Something massive. Requesting immediate backup.

Everyone in the room froze as if they had been thrown outside.

"Backup?" asked one of the personal. "What could be so bad about something in the water? It's probably just a rock!" I shook my head.

"No, they wouldn't alert us if it was a rock, the would have been able to tell. I'd better call for Ethan." I shivered.

A while later, I heard the sounds of helicopters in the sky. I quickly put on my coat to go and meet them. As I walked out the door, I could see the helicopter land. It's blades picking up snow and throwing it everywhere. I looked to the door and saw the familiar symbol of a three-eyed howling wolf. That's definitely them. I thought. Suddenly, the door opened and a squad of troops came running out. The other helicopters were just landing. Then, out stepped Ethan, and one other that I didn't recognize. I walked towards them.

"Glad you could come! Why don't we go inside?" I yelled. The helicopter blades made it almost impossible to hear one another, so they nodded and I led them inside.
"Can I make you some coffee?" I asked as they sat down.

"Yeah sure I'll have some. Thanks!" Ethan smiled. I looked over to his partner.

"And for you? Um, what's your name?" I asked trying my best to not sound insensitive. He looked up.

"Oh, I am Bret Vindix. I work for the SC Organization and primarily run the Cult of 71. And uh, no coffee thank you." he declined.

"A 71 member!" someone yelled. They pulled their gun out and aimed it at Bret's head. Bret stayed calm, but put his hands up. Ethan shot up from his chair and pulled his gun on the one who opposed. Both guns cocked and ready to fire.

"Guys! Stop this!" I yelled. "There is obviously a good reason Ethan brought Bret here. Now put your guns down!" I yelled, taking control of the situation. Ethan nodded.

"Yes, I brought Vindix along because he and I are great friends, he works in my research department, and he is helping me with the situation we are having with the Shock Force." he explained while he placed his gun back in his holster. I sighed in relief.

"Great, now we can get back to what we-" I was cut off by the ground shaking violently beneath my feet. Ethan's communicator was blaring with someone calling for backup. Ethan and Bret quickly ran to get their coats. I fallowed them and grabbed a weapon of my own. As we got out, Ethan's helicopter was already started and ready to go. We got in and took off. The communicator was still blaring with the same request. I tried to see if there was anything to indicate what was going on outside, but there was nothing put a pale blue, and that was all. Ethan was trying to tell his hopeless soldiers that they were on their way to the site, but it was no use. I looked out again. The pale blue grew darker and darker, like a shadow. It was odd, there were never and hills or cliffs here. Just a mostly flat land. I then saw the shadow move, and I realized what was happening.

"Quick! Turn away! Turn away! We are going to cra-" I couldn't finish in time. Something flew into our helicopter, sending us spiraling to the ground. My stomach dropped as we fell. I couldn't tell when we would hit the ground. And then, a moment later, the window burst open, flying glass in my face. My head jerked forward and smashed into the thick metal of the helicopter.

Ringing, ringing, ringing. It was all I heard as my eyes adjusted. I couldn't move, but I could see. What I saw, was horrifying. There were pools of blood everywhere, and Bret was lying unconscious next to me. His face had blood trickling down and dropping on to the snowy ground beneath him. I could smell fire. It's heat was still touching me. Then, a small shadow appeared in front of me. It was Ethan. I could see his lips moving, but I couldn't hear anything. Ethan pulled something out of his bag. It was blurry and I couldn't tell what it was. Then, he threw it down into my chest.

"Ahh! What the hell!" I screamed as I quickly sat up. It was an adrenaline shot. I got up, my legs felt like jelly. I tried my best to not look at them. Ethan did the same to Bret. The pilot was dead, and I had no choice but to grab his gun. Mine had been shattered in the crash.

Eventually we regained the most strength we could mustard, and joined the remaining troops on the field. I could see now, that the thing that knocked us out of the sky was a giant creature, bigger than a castle was causing this massacre. It looked like a half squid half shark, with long tentacles and big sharp fins. I almost didn't believe what I was seeing, it looked like it would be part of a kids show.

The thing was roaring while we shot anything we had at it. Nothing seemed to be working. Ethan the thought of something. He reached for his communicator that was still surprisingly working, and shouted in it.

"Everyone! Aim for it's eyes! Especially you soldiers with rockets!" he screamed helplessly. He was completely unprofessional about it. I guess I couldn't blame him. This time, people did respond, and in an instant, there were visible explosions at the eyes of the creature. It seemed to rear back as more and more explosions mutilated it's eyes. It then launched it's self into the air and landed back into the water.

You see what happens when you wake up things you find in the ice, you will get your karma.

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