You Need To Remember

The robed men then approached me. I was scared, but I let it happen. One of the robed men lifted their hood. It was Jake. Jake then handed me a robe and told me, "You are one of us now" I felt confused, my brain was wondering what was going on, but my body grabbed the robe and put it on. Jake lifted his hood. As did I. My brain then understood. I was one of them now. I excepted this nature. I let my mind flow to the intrest of 71Es. 71E, that's a positively amazing thought. 71E, 71E…71E………..71E…..71….E……..At this point my mind has shut off, like I wasn't in control anymore. Now, there was only 71E.

And that's how my ordinary life, was turned into the best thing that could happen to me.

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